Our Fees

Our focus is to provide you with quality advice to achieve your desired outcome.

We offer clients a free consultation by telephone, or the option of a meeting at a fixed price. The purpose of our consultation is to provide you with reassurance on your matter and a clear plan of action. We differ from most firms by offering a no strings attached Free Consultation via telephone, which enables us both to establish a working relationship. A connection to our clients is of upmost importance to us.

We will book you in for the earliest available appointment.

Competitive Rates for Quality Work

The ethos of our firm is to provide quality high value advice with a fair pricing structure. Our firm has been formed in such a way that we have smaller overheads then most London firms and therefore we are able to be competitive on our fees, without any compromise to our service.

We have a high success rate on all our cases, we work with the best barristers across the country and have outstanding feedback from our clients, 90% of our work is generated by client referrals.

We are:


Hourly Rates

We may offer you an hourly rate on your matter, this will be discussed with you as there is full transparency on our fees and payment terms. You will be aware of your overall expected costs and provided regular costs updates.

Fixed Fees

We can offer a fixed pricing structure on the majority of our matters. We have tailored prices to suit the complexity or simplicity of your case. All our fees are clearly outlined with no hidden surprises.