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Our Values

  • Deliver quality advice that is well thought through and bespoke to each client.
  • Develop a strategic plan for each case and take the client on the journey with you.
  • Treat everyone with respect.
  • Acting with integrity and having the moral courage to make our actions consistent.
  • Continually seek opportunities for learning and growth.
  • Be innovative and embrace new ideas -adapt with change.

Needs We Serve

We are specialist Family Law Solicitors.


A divorce is an order by the court to legally end your marriage.

You can apply for a divorce in England and Wales after 12 months of marriage, issues may arise in respect of habitual residence and domicile. Currently you will need to show you have grounds for divorce.

The individual starting the divorce will be the Petitioner, who will prepare the divorce petition. A simple divorce can commence through the online divorce service, however complexities arise through divorces that are contested i.e. your partner has applied for a divorce and you do not accept the terms of the divorce or you wish to remain married.

The next two key stages in the divorce are Decree Nisi and Decree Absolute. The process can take around 4 to 6 months.

We can also assist you with advice regarding annulment.

Please do contact us to discuss a ‘non-fault divorce’.

High Net Worth Divorce

We have expertise in High Net Worth divorce and complex financial assets.

Our recent cases include:

  • Acting for an ultra HNW individual of Swiss nationality, where we advised him on separation from his former partner and drafted a Separation Agreement.
  • Negotiating a divorce for a wealthy entrepreneur with business assets worth £70 million. The agreement was reached outside of court.
  • Advising a client in a divorce with international assets based in the UAE, the case also required knowledge of Sharia law.
Relationship Breakdown

We shall guide you through the process of separating from your partner.

If you have a property together we shall advise you as to your entitlement to such property, if an agreement cannot be reached out of court, then we may advise you to issue a claim under TOLATA (Trusts of Land and Appointment of Trustees Act 1996).

If you have children, you may be able to bring a claim under Schedule 1 of The Children Act 1989 for maintenance, allowance, school fees etc. The ‘payer’ will need to earn over £156,000 gross pa.

Please click on the following calculator to assess what level of child maintenance you should receive or pay https://www.gov.uk/calculate-child-maintenance.

Financial Settlement

We will achieve a financial settlement that is fair and meets your needs.

Your divorce financial settlement is recorded in a Court Order, if you simply divorce in England and Wales and do not have a Court Order, claims can be brought against you in the future. There is no time limit for claims. The Court Order is binding and can be obtained by consent, negotiation through solicitors, mediation, collaborative process or via court proceedings.

The court will consider capital claims such as property, investments etc, maintenance, both child and spousal maintenance and pension claims.

We will robustly defend you against such claims or advise you on your entitlement. We are highly experienced in financial work and we work with the most skilled barristers in the country.

Domestic Abuse

We are very passionate about protecting individuals who have been the victim of domestic abuse. A common misconception is that the abuse you suffer should be physical. Abuse can be verbal, financial, emotional, psychological or physical.

We can protect you with a Non-Molestation Order or Occupation Order. We can typically help individuals who are not assisted by the Police, where bail conditions are ending, or impending violence.

No one should suffer abuse- no excuses and no one should be subjected to a false accusation.

Child Contact

Your child is our priority.

We are specialists in children matters and have experience in the most complex of cases. We are parents and understand how important your child’s welfare is to you. Our expertise range from International children disputes to everyday issues regarding contact. We can guide you through the process and have relationships with the most skilled barristers in the country.

We know matters concerning your children are close to your heart and we shall fight for your desired outcome.

Pre- Nupital Agreements/ Post- Nupital Agreements

We are experts in Nupital Agreements. A Pre-Nupital Agreement is a written agreement made by a couple who intend to get married. We can work with you to record a financial settlement if you were to sadly separate or divorce.

After your marriage you can enter into a Post Nuptial Agreement to also record your financial settlement if you were to divorce. The document can be used to reflect changes in your personal circumstances.

We would advise you to enter into a nupital agreement to protect inherited wealth, businesses, second marriage or to benefit existing children.

We can protect your financial assets with a nupital agreement.


We can recommend a highly skilled solicitor who has expertise in wills and probate claims.

About Roz

Roz is a conscientious Partner specialising in divorce, private children matters and nupital agreements.  Roz is unfailingly diligent and brings a great energy to each case.                                                                                      .

Roz would describe herself as fair but firm where needed. Her approach is not to antagonise a relationship breakdown but to guide a family through a separation. She has worked on high profile complex financial cases, where she applied a robust hard-line approach and achieved fantastic divorce settlements for clients. In other cases clients have requested a softer more amicable approach, Roz will work with you to end your relationship in a respectful manner.



What our clients are saying

I contacted Roz during the most challenging and distressing time of my life and was immediately put at ease with her professional and compassionate manner. I instantly felt like I was in capable hands and she offered practical legal advice, as well as treating me with respect and empathy, during our first telephone conversation that helped me gain some control in my life that was paramount to the welfare of myself and my young son.

My divorce has not been an easy process for me emotionally or practically, but I have had faith and trust in Roz and her guidance and knowledge throughout and know that without this the situation would have been a lot tougher to deal with. Roz’s willingness to listen and her passion for her job, as well as her sensitivity towards me as her client was so important to me during this difficult time and I would not hesitate to recommend her and GunnerCooke to anybody.




I was referred to Roz by one of her colleagues working in Criminal Law. Since our initial engagement, the level of service which she has given has been nothing but exceptional. She has had to deal with a tricky case interlinking with a number other areas of law and has supported me throughout the whole process which has been both mentally but emotionally very tough.

Roz has a fantastic pool of knowledge within family law, accompanied by her great connections with barristers makes her an outstanding lawyer in this field. I would have no hesitation using her services again and would recommended her to any future clients who might require her services and level of experience.


I identified Roz Lidder from a number of reviews as a Solicitor that was experienced in financial resolutions, but also has significant experience with children matters, both of which I required for my circumstances.

Roz and I have worked together for over six months on a series of complex issues to bring a challenging divorce to a pre-trial settlement and to deal with child access issues. I am delighted with the outcome, which is now successfully resolved.

Roz takes a sensible approach to dealing with the other side and attempts at every step to minimise processing and keep a focus on settling with the minimum of time and cost. Guidance was sensible and detail was thorough and some challenging issues were capably handled.

I made the right choice for my circumstances and I have no hesitation in recommending Roz to guide and support others.

Gene Grace

Back in 2015, I needed help in establishing contact with my first son. Hiring a reccomended family law firm, this is where I first met Roz. She was very informative, took care with the details and was really on the ball while she handled my case; which really put me at ease because I knew my case was in good hands. I was reunited with my boy not too long after.

In 2020, silly me landed myself in the same situation with the mother of my now two sons. Already having the contact order from 2015, I called the same family law firm; as I felt since they'd have my records, it should be easier to chase up. I got absolutely no where. After 6 months of calling and chasing, I decided to see if I could track down Roz.

To my surprise, I found Roz's profile on LinkedIn with ease. I reached out to her and she contacted me in little to no time at all.

I'm now able to have my sons and move on with our lives... I will forever be grateful, and strongly recommend to anyone who is in a similar position to seek her help.

Mr E

I have engaged Roz for my family proceedings and have found Roz to be extremely reliable and trustworthy. She is a smart professional. I think she handled complex legal matters with ease, providing helpful legal advice. She has always delivered in time and with quality. As a client I’m highly satisfied with Roz’s legal advice, professional ethics and what she has achieved for me. Personally I truly enjoyed knowing Roz and I would highly recommend her.

Ms Pillai